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Boet (pronounced as B oo t)
Meaning: he who will make his own wishes known and little friend


Welcome to ByBoet!

You might have found us as you are parents of a premature superstar or medically complex warrior. Or you might be here as you are family or friends of a premature superstar or medically complex warrior and you are looking for ways to support. You might be here to find similar stories to yours, you might be here as you are grieving. Grieving the loss of a normal pregnancy, delivery, first few weeks, or even grieving the death of your child like we are.

No matter your journey, it is a tough road, a rollercoaster. But regardless of the outcome, you have got this and you are never alone.

We started ByBoet after our own 8.5-month NICU journey with our amazing son Boet. We will share our own story, research and we also would like to raise funds to support research with the aim to get the next Boet home and  some nice to have things for all those beautiful babies and their families in the NICU.

ByBoet is a way for us to still actively parent our son and brother, Boet and to help make sure that the next Boet will get to know all of his family and his home.

Thank you for being here!

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A little bit more about ByBoet, our story and our reason for starting ByBoet.


Last year we promised that this years fundraiser will be bigger and better. Please help us to achieve that.


Relevant information for NICU families can be found here.

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